The goal of my project was to take an existing icon set on fruits and transform them into usable icons for a smoothie menu . The ingredients that can be contained inside one smoothie tend to be a lot more complicated than the title of the smoothie itself, so a simple solution to this problem is to use icons to represent the main ingredients of the smoothie.
These are the original ten that I had taken from icon finder.

It is important that these Icons fit comfortably into menus for them to be useful. so I took it upon myself to edit their style a bit.
As you can see I removed the shadows that were originally underneath each icon of the set to make them feel flatter.

If menus are hung up on walls, it is best to be able to tell the difference between each item from far.
In the original, these four fruits were very hard to tell apart due to their similar colors. All are a very similar color red with very similar backgrounds.

In my revision, I have given them all their own individual colors without destroying their integrity as designs or as fruits. Mangoes can be orange-yellow, and pomegranates tend to have look more purple when compared to an apple, so I changed them accordingly.
I've Also created my own icons as well !
Welcome Cherry, Lime, Almond, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Kale, Peanut, Melon, Beet, Banana and Carrot! Their additions are what morphed this fruit Icon set into a smoothie icon set! While researching smoothies, I figured out some popular veggies to add to the mix. Kale, being the trending super food that it is, was a fan favorite in the healthy smoothie world, making it a priority to add to my set. Carrots, and beets seemed to also be featured in many homemade guides to healthy smoothies. Nut smoothies were also something I stumbled upon while looking on websites such as So adding the almond and the peanut were naturally the next step in the process.

In total I’ve created 11 icons in addition to the original 10 that were provided to me, giving a grand total of 21 icons.
Here's How they'd Look on a Chalk Board ! 

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