About Me
My name is Brandon Chacon, and I am a creator at heart. I love to bring fresh new concepts to life. My main skills are Graphic Design (Most likely why you're here, also what I got my degree in), Illustration, and Photography. Though these are my main focuses, these do not limit me, as i'm always trying new things, and diversifying my talents as a creator. 

If there's anything growing up in the Bronx has taught me, it's that you can be whoever you want to be and accomplish any goal you set out for; today, my goals are to enrich my community with my talents, work at a Design agency or as a designer of an admirable company, and to eventually form (or become a part of) a creative group that focuses on making creative media just for the fun of it.
Wanna reach me ?
Email me here:
Brandonchacon@chacon.zone (My main email for work related communication)
Brandonchacon96@gmail.com (My more personal email) 

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