For this assignment, I was asked to redesign a page of the Chronogram website.
I decided to redesign the Poetry page, because the original page looks like this:
I personally like it when websites use images and other visual queues to guide me through the site, so this mountain of text seemed boring to me.
I decided to add images for some of the current pieces (at the time), to give the website a more welcoming feel.
I also added a visible sorting option for users who know what they are looking for.
(this is only a prototype and the sort option doesn't work, this is just where it would be and what the dropdown would look like.)
And this is what the page you would get to after clicking the poem. The image being the same as the thumbnail, and the poem written out down the entire page
Here's the link again to the InVision Site, as  well as a work in progress coded prototype

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