Brandon Chacon Unit 2 Case Study 
1. What do I know about the subject? As someone who is wary of the potential conditions of a polluted planet, I have used my free time to research and study the various ways to diffuse the growth of climate change and air pollution. 
2. What do I want and need to find out? During the process of this project, I wanted to find out what I don’t already know about renewable energy and nonrenewable energy. I figured that if there is sources of energy that I don’t have any knowledge about, then it might be safe the say that the rest of the general public might not know about it. The unfamiliar nature of the less popular energy sources make representing them all the more urgent for me to incorporate in my project because awareness is the first step to good activism. 
3. How will I find answers to my questions? I plan on finding out about less popular renewable energy sources and to learn about the dangers of the nonrenewable energies and the dirty energies that we use now by researching these topics thoroughly. 
4. What am I learning as I move along my journey of inquiry? What have learned at the end of my journey? I learned a lot about energy and some misconceptions. I learned about biomass, which is a general term for energy that can be harnessed directly from plant life. I also discovered that although a lot of green energy ads slander nuclear energy in some sort of way, that nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and realistic nonrenewable energy that we use. It doesn’t cause any harmful emissions to fill the air, instead it uses steam energy to induce nuclear fission, making a massive amount of energy. Nuclear energy also has an interesting future, reason being that the process of nuclear fusion can be a possibility for the future, which makes drastically more energy than fission. The only downside to nuclear energy is nuclear waste, however it is a lot more efficient to store waste than to let coal emissions to clog our atmosphere. 
5. What action will I take as the result of my inquiry? I think that I as a result of this project, that I may become more involved in activism for the topic. This being a political year, I would like to make these issues known so that voters may take global warming into consideration as they choose the candidate that they want to become president and the candidates that are also running for senate. 
6. What new questions do I have as I continue my inquiry and after I'm done studying my topic? I would like to know what about my icons would speak to the people who are using them/ viewing them. I wonder if they would be inspired to use the information more readily, or to research the information on their free time.

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