For this Project, I put together a hypothetical invention that would combine 2 already existing inventions for the purpose of captioning speech live with the user's glasses. (This was before Google came out with their new and improved earbuds, but after they showed off google glass. 
I seen the pitfalls of the google glass, them being not very appealing for fashion, and seemingly having no extra use compared to a phone. I took a feature that I thought might be better for accessibility, and created my own idea for an invention.
This is the senstone, a transcribing device, for taking notes. As you can see in the first slide, I thought that using the transcriber elements on this device and incorporating them into the glasses would make for a good device that is also fashionable.
My inspiration for how the text would display over the glasses is inspired by heads up displays in modern cars. 
After this initial run of the invention, I decided to try branding the "Sound Captions" invention and create an app that would connect the badge with the glasses.
Rebranded the app as "Resone," a play on the word resonate, because this product is sound based. I've created an invision prototype for the app right here

Resone, The App
The app is made for the convenience of the user. There are plenty of different ways that the interface of the glasses could potentially look like if you think about variables such as fonts, text size, language, and words that aren't in the standard dictionary. The app is made to change these things for a more customizable and comfortable experience.
Here, the user would pair their device with their glasses and be presented with the homepage
The next screens are screens the user would see when clicking into the options on the homepage

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