During my time with Bronx Narratives, I contributed to 3 of their magazines, all of which were published in 2020. Instead of creating one all encompassing magazine for the year of 2020, we created 3 smaller magazines, all with their own focuses.
BXN Mag 4: Arts & Culture
While I did not contribute to the Graphic Design of magazine 4, I was a component in creating about a fourth of the content that is featured. I conducted Interviews with three artists, as well as taking photos of all 3 of them for the magazine.
BXN Mag 5: Lifestyle
Using the designs of Magazine 4 as a basis, I was tasked to design for magazine 5. Since the topic was fashion and lifestyle, I tried to expand on the original vision with inserts of sleek windows for the photography.
I also contributed to the content of this magazine as well by photographing this stylist. As well as the photos to market the magazine.
BXN Mag 6: Food & Wellness
This magazine also uses the previous designs as a basis. The difference with magazine 6 is the focus, food and wellness. This focus led to different designs, such as spreads that look like cookbook recipes, and others that look like review blogs. The best part about all of these designs is that the layouts are still cohesive with the original because of the consistency in font and space.
The Magazines are sold on the Bronx Narratives website, Here's a link:

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